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          Welcome to the Aboriginal Sport and
          Wellness Council of Ontario’s website!

          ASWCO is the designated Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sporting Body (P/TASB) for Ontario and serves all 133 First Nations, in addition to Inuit and Métis Peoples, living both on and off reserve, in rural and urban settings.

          ASWCO delivers sport and recreation programming, for youth and adults, across the province, throughout the year. Lear more about opportunities near you to get physilly active and have fun.

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          ASWCO News


          The Aboriginal Sport Circle and the North Amerin Indigenous Games Council, two of the largest Indigenous sport organizations in nada

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          Notice of ASWCO Annual General Meeting and ll for Nominations

          ASWCO Announce Annual General Meeting and ll for Nominations to the ASWCO Board of Directors October 9, 2018 – Mississauga,

          Read more

          Standing Bear Youth Leadership Program Impact on Indigenous Youth

          Developed by the Aboriginal Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario and Indigenous youth, Standing Bear is the first of its

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          Upcoming Events

          Aboriginal Team Ontario NAHC Tryouts – Dec 1, 2018

          Tryouts to represent Aboriginal Team Ontario at the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) for males and females born between 2001

          Read more

          Aboriginal Team Ontario NAHC Tryouts – Nov 17, 2018

          Tryouts to represent Aboriginal Team Ontario at the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) for males and females born between 2001

          Read more

          Kashechewan Basketball mp – Oct 21 & 22, 2018

          Indigenous youth between the ages of 12-18 will have the chance to participate in a FREE basketball mp that will

          Read more


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